Confessions Of A Web Cartoon Addict — WWWA (World Wide Web Anonymous)

•August 23, 2008 • 3 Comments

Do you know the problem with web comics?

They’re too bloody good.

Over-Dramatic Script to Previous Cartoon

Hi Everybody…. My name is ******

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been here but it’s hard to tell. The days have kinda run together and I’ve sort of lost track of commitments, relationships… sleep, work…. things haven’t been good.

I never thought I’d be back here actually…. I thought after I got up-to-date with Ctrl Alt Del I’d be fine… and you do know I missed three deadlines and didn’t sleep for two days

I’m so ashamed.

Even after ‘D.M Of The Rings’ I was fine and I only lost one night of sleep… thank god the cartoon had ended.

But why god why did I have to find Something Positive? Now my boss hates me my eyes are calling me names and I’ve missed three dinner dates… will it ever end?

Now I’ve got that out of my system it is partly true… my new folly is web comics, damn them damn their hides.

Here are a list that are sure to get you hooked, put a curve into your spine and make us loose the war. now if anyone needs me I’ll be over in the corner playing with Rippy the razor.

These web comics are highly addictive and should not be approached if you have no free time.


Help Australia Burn Down The Firewall (And Watch The Fuwa XXXX)

•July 30, 2008 • 2 Comments

Attention, both of the two people (if I’m lucky) who read this blog Australian Amnesty needs your help:

The level of Internet censorship in China right now… Check the Cici site for details

If you’ve spent any time in China then you’ll know all about the great firewall and how it effects online life in China and people doing research on events in China etc (blocked websites, treacle-slow Internet speeds, removed content etc etc).

Amnesty is trying to bring down the firewall, a Herculean task any way you look at it (I think I’d rather kill the hydra or clean the stables then take on the great wall) by letting the world know what’s up and what’s down.

They’re asking for help, so anyone entering China can help by clicking on the button below:

Talk of the ‘Fuwa curse’ has already got any site mentioning the words fuwa and curse together in Chinese banned in China but not much has been done about the ‘uncultured foreign posts’ (which also includes this delightful cartoon from Beijing blogger peacefulrise.

A couple of Photoshop mistakes made, and picked up by the official print propaganda machine news source Xinhua (and shown off by the Shanghaiist) have also managed to miss the cut so far.

The Spamnik, Monkey Appreciation Day

•July 27, 2008 • Leave a Comment

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything but things have been hectic

Anyway I’m going to try out a little something which I’m hoping to make a regular thing…turning spam into poetry

The very oblique nature of spam means good spam has something of an poetic nature and in the vein of Chef Brian from the web comic Ctrl Alt Del I give you….

THE SPAMNIK(It’s like Chef Brian with less drawings and more bongos)

Monkey Appreciation Day

The public appreciate monkeys–our poor cousins
What sexual differences are there in monkeys? Have you kept them tame?

Want to be ready for sexxx in a six sec
Cunning, or natural penetration, it is the equinoctials unwarrantable liberty for us to change a word in the world
This is the eternal eye accepted the words ‘so be it!
In minding not to have peace, there is growth

Cause the opera to end in disaster
Rich dared a cut in a tree, which made the people fly on all sides.
Two men grinned and dragged the agent of Piranhas
Men cantered from the palace courtyard and turned

As i choose in this house
And was married such things as blue primroses and blue geraniums

Please feel free to send me any interesting spam you get and I’ll add it to my file

China’s new online army, the 50 Cent brigade unmasked

•July 17, 2008 • 2 Comments

Does anyone remember earlier this year, round about the time the Olympic Torch started doing the rounds, when the world seemed to be divided into three camps:

  1. Bloggers who were pro-China and anti the rest of the world (particularly Budhists, cruncy hippies and anybody from France)
  2. Bloggers who were pro-Tibet and anti China(who strangely enough were cruncy hippies and not adverse to buying Tibetan flags from factories in Shenzhen)
  3. Everybody else wondering what the hell was going on.
  4. While the Chinese education system is a thing of wonder when it comes to ‘educating’ children on the ‘correct’ point of view and the propaganda power of the Chinese media in full force is a wonderful thing to behold the truth of the matter is that the propaganda department has taken a step up in the digital age.

    Not content with just building the most effective firewall out there (No, you crunchy hippies, Google had nothing to do with it, in fact the firewall is one of the reasons that Baidu has done so well in the battle of the search engines)

    But I digress. The reason for this blog is to share the development of the 50 cent army.

    No, I’m not talking about 50 cent’s Chinese fanbase but a growing mercenary army (made up of off-duty journalists and other desk jockeys, students and anybody else with a connection to a computer) who are paid 5 mao (the RMB version of 50 cents) per post to ‘direct’ comments the correct way inside of China.

    Thanks to Danwei there’s a couple of posts. Here’s the first and here’s the second.

    Kinda explains a few things doesn’t it.

The Website Is Down, The Night Of The Dramatic Screenshots

•July 4, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Drama has a new face! Its called screen capture!!!

Sorry for the excessive use of exclamation marks but I have just discovered ‘The Website Is Down’ (aka Sales Guy vs Web Dude) and have managed to wave goodbye to 30 minutes of productive computer time.

Between all the “Leave Brittany alone” and “Chocolate Rains” of the world (I guess it’s important to remember that the Internet is the latest incarnation of the freak show I guess) there are some comedic gems out there.

One that I’m finding especially enjoying is the range of screen capture dramas that are hitting the Internet at the moment

Perhaps we’ve developed an affinity with the screen capture or perhaps enough of us have gotten used to not seeing the speaker enough that artistic types are able to start playing with the concept but there’s more and more of these types of dramas (usually comedies) on the world wide web.

The first one I’d heard of was the extremely funny you suck at Photoshop, then there was the spin-off “Sn4tchbuckl3r’s Second Chance” although it wasn’t taken to as well by the fickle YouTube crowd.

It’s especially good how the images on the screen reflect what is being said/what the protagonist is going through

I’d love to hear of any more cool screen capture/tutorial drama series out there. Any suggestions?

Not Another Gadget Blog Clone

•June 30, 2008 • 2 Comments

WARNING: Anybody caught copying this blog will be tied to the great firewall and have their dongles cut off and hung over my mainframe

Excuse me while I drain away unnecessary self importance and prick my over-inflated ego. Psssssssspeopleactuallyreadmyblogeventhoughitislessthanaweekoldssssssssss. That’s better.

Splogging and copycat blogging has been covered on the internet before.

But one particularly ugly side of it is the way it is used in the gadget community of the netscape.

Lets say I’m trying to find out information on the 3G iPhone and what the net community thinks about it. I type 3G iPhone into the search engine and I get 100s of results from different blogs around the world.

But wait! what’s this they’re exactly the same. They’ve got the same title the same text the same pictures even.

It almost as if the circle of gadget blogs has become, duh duh duhhhhhhhh, the conventional media

felinus duplicatus electroni: the gadget lemming

Looking at it from their point of view you can kind of see where they’re coming from… the vendor selling the gadget doesn’t mind they’re getting lots of coverage. The original gadget blog doesn’t mind, they’re getting lots of back links and the people who’s writing the blog? weelll they’re getting content without any fuss at all.

The only people loosing out in this are the readers, who have to sort through 100 or so of these blogs before they get to something resembling an honest opinion.

The solution? leaving a comment on every single copy blog telling the blog owner to write their own stuff would be an option but it would probably just lead to carpal tunnel and an aneurysm.

The World Is Flat 3.0, MIT Lecture

•June 29, 2008 • 1 Comment

If you’ve spent any time on the net, or in lecture halls you’ve probably come across the world is flat theory.

Essentially what it boils down to is that, with personal computers, the development of standardized code and the internet that innovation and business isn’t just coming from companies any more. It’s coming from people. Hence the move from a world were everything moves from the top down to where everything moves side to side

Could that mean that after years of a trickle-down effect (It’s warm but you wouldn’t want to drink it) we’re finally getting a puddle (It’s wet but you wouldn’t want to stand in it)?

Perhaps so but here’s the lecture from Steven Lerman, which was recorded at MIT

He basically covers the following points:

  • The development of the flat world
  • What’s happening now
  • Why he thinks the green ‘revolution’ is not a true revolution and why we should stop mucking about

At 48 minutes it’s pretty long but well worth a watch.

MIT World has a whole lot of lectures, and even full courses, that are free for the taking as well if you’re interested.