If You Think Of It — There’s Probably A Website Dedicated To It

Anybody who has been on the internet before knows all about Rule 34.

It’s the maxim which states that:

If an object can be conjectured, there is porn made of it. If not, then porn will be made of it as soon as someone hears what you are looking for. (see rule 34-B)

Known exceptions are:
Rule 34 itself. You cannot rule 34, rule 34.
Also, abstract ideas may not be rule 34’d, it must be a concrete object or be representable as one.

I call rule 34 on existentialism *wtf*

After today I move that a similar rule should be made for the internet. Perhaps Rule 68 (rule 34 x2).

Items to submit to the jury……

Craigslist: You Suck At Craigslist

Cakes and pastry: Cakewrecks

DIY: There I Fixed It

Unfortunate texts: FMYLIFE

Poor photoshop: Photoshop disasters

White People: Stuff White People Like

Library Books: Awful Library Books

Strange Google Searches: Search Of The Day

Pictures of Chinese People sleeping: Sleeping Chinese

And this is just a taste…..


~ by talkincode on March 12, 2010.

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