Yet More Addictive Websites

Must….. Find…… Time….. To…… Do….. Shit……

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything but I just wanted to share some incredibly interesting things I have found through Digg lately:

Bam Kapow is a website devoted to everything comicbook, superhero and fighting game-related. On the news side it covers a lot of info about what’s going on in the superhero movie industry business (who’s been spotted where, what movies are upcomming etc etc)

The part I enjoy the most perhaps is the fan art material, mashup of two very different movies (like the Pulp Fiction meets 1960’s Batman effort) or these ones below:

The Joker Doing Hamlet

A Stop-Action Movie Of The Best Superhero/Supervillan Showdown Ever

If you’ve been on Digg for five minutes, hell if you’ve been around the internet twice you’ll know what Cracked is. It’s filled with those highly addictive lists and videos on popular culture topics like music and it will suck up a day faster than you can say “ooh I wonder what they put in that list”.


~ by talkincode on September 27, 2008.

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