World Of Blogs, Blogging In China

Sometimes looking for independent and personal views of what’s happening in China can be difficult. Here are some blogs that are a must read that I’ve stumbled across:

Lost Laowai: A Beijing based blog which has several writers. It also has a forum for those interested in commenting and writers tend to focus on the social cultural and political aspect of living in China.

China Smack: A blog which focuses on all the funny, gross, scary and sexy stuff that goes on in the China blogosphere. So far some of the things featured in the blog include a boy caught masturbating underneath a girl’s dormitory, a woman who killed a kitten with her high heels and a couple of lesbians caught fooling around on the Shanghai subway late one night. The blog includes translations of what Chinese netizens are saying on forum sites about the various things that are featured on the blog.

Danwei’s favorite English-language blogs for 2008: Danwei, once discovered is very much the grand old dame of blogs in China, it has been around since 2002 and now it’s creators have their fingers in a lot of pies including Sexy Beijing TV amongst other things.

Every year they put together a list of their favorite blogs on China which they source from and enjoy reading. This is the English list for 2008 and this is the Chinese list.

Thomas Crampton: The blog from a freelance reporter based in Hong Kong who frequently travels to mainland China. He first broke the news of China’s 50 cent bloggers which I covered in a previous blog.

Asia Sentinel:Asia Sentinel is more of an online magazine than a blog but it’s a good place to go if you want to catch up with what’s going on in South East Asia. Each of the countries have their own separate page and the site’s owners usually have a correspondent in each of the countries.

Chination Report: A blog written by a Chinese student who’s currently studying abroad.

All Roads Lead To China: Yet another blog with a forum attached. It’s focused more on business than the blogs listed above it.

The China Sourcing Blog: Another business based blog covering sourcing and logistics (funnily enough). That doesn’t stop it from breaking some very interesting stories though.

The Yuan Also Rises: Yet another China business blog. This blog is not updated nearly as frequently as the others on the list.

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One Response to “World Of Blogs, Blogging In China”

  1. Boy China sure has changed since i got here. Good thing one of the great culture vulture laowais like you is keeping me informed.

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