Help Australia Burn Down The Firewall (And Watch The Fuwa XXXX)

Attention, both of the two people (if I’m lucky) who read this blog Australian Amnesty needs your help:

The level of Internet censorship in China right now… Check the Cici site for details

If you’ve spent any time in China then you’ll know all about the great firewall and how it effects online life in China and people doing research on events in China etc (blocked websites, treacle-slow Internet speeds, removed content etc etc).

Amnesty is trying to bring down the firewall, a Herculean task any way you look at it (I think I’d rather kill the hydra or clean the stables then take on the great wall) by letting the world know what’s up and what’s down.

They’re asking for help, so anyone entering China can help by clicking on the button below:

Talk of the ‘Fuwa curse’ has already got any site mentioning the words fuwa and curse together in Chinese banned in China but not much has been done about the ‘uncultured foreign posts’ (which also includes this delightful cartoon from Beijing blogger peacefulrise.

A couple of Photoshop mistakes made, and picked up by the official print propaganda machine news source Xinhua (and shown off by the Shanghaiist) have also managed to miss the cut so far.


~ by talkincode on July 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Help Australia Burn Down The Firewall (And Watch The Fuwa XXXX)”

  1. Hey thanks for the link, glad you liked my cartoon — I’m based in Beijing though. (Real artists don’t live in Shanghai :p )

  2. Hi Joel, sorry about that, twas my bad. Has been fixed and noted

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