The Spamnik, Monkey Appreciation Day

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything but things have been hectic

Anyway I’m going to try out a little something which I’m hoping to make a regular thing…turning spam into poetry

The very oblique nature of spam means good spam has something of an poetic nature and in the vein of Chef Brian from the web comic Ctrl Alt Del I give you….

THE SPAMNIK(It’s like Chef Brian with less drawings and more bongos)

Monkey Appreciation Day

The public appreciate monkeys–our poor cousins
What sexual differences are there in monkeys? Have you kept them tame?

Want to be ready for sexxx in a six sec
Cunning, or natural penetration, it is the equinoctials unwarrantable liberty for us to change a word in the world
This is the eternal eye accepted the words ‘so be it!
In minding not to have peace, there is growth

Cause the opera to end in disaster
Rich dared a cut in a tree, which made the people fly on all sides.
Two men grinned and dragged the agent of Piranhas
Men cantered from the palace courtyard and turned

As i choose in this house
And was married such things as blue primroses and blue geraniums

Please feel free to send me any interesting spam you get and I’ll add it to my file


~ by talkincode on July 27, 2008.

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