Not Another Gadget Blog Clone

WARNING: Anybody caught copying this blog will be tied to the great firewall and have their dongles cut off and hung over my mainframe

Excuse me while I drain away unnecessary self importance and prick my over-inflated ego. Psssssssspeopleactuallyreadmyblogeventhoughitislessthanaweekoldssssssssss. That’s better.

Splogging and copycat blogging has been covered on the internet before.

But one particularly ugly side of it is the way it is used in the gadget community of the netscape.

Lets say I’m trying to find out information on the 3G iPhone and what the net community thinks about it. I type 3G iPhone into the search engine and I get 100s of results from different blogs around the world.

But wait! what’s this they’re exactly the same. They’ve got the same title the same text the same pictures even.

It almost as if the circle of gadget blogs has become, duh duh duhhhhhhhh, the conventional media

felinus duplicatus electroni: the gadget lemming

Looking at it from their point of view you can kind of see where they’re coming from… the vendor selling the gadget doesn’t mind they’re getting lots of coverage. The original gadget blog doesn’t mind, they’re getting lots of back links and the people who’s writing the blog? weelll they’re getting content without any fuss at all.

The only people loosing out in this are the readers, who have to sort through 100 or so of these blogs before they get to something resembling an honest opinion.

The solution? leaving a comment on every single copy blog telling the blog owner to write their own stuff would be an option but it would probably just lead to carpal tunnel and an aneurysm.


~ by talkincode on June 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Not Another Gadget Blog Clone”

  1. I agreed with you

  2. Thanks for agreeing with me… and in later news it sounds like some companies aren’t happy either.

    One online shop worker I was talking to was doing some serious bitching after they spent two days going around various gadget blogs posting links to products that should have been there in the first place. Not only are these bastards lazy they need to do a course on web etiquette as well.

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