If You Think Of It — There’s Probably A Website Dedicated To It

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Anybody who has been on the internet before knows all about Rule 34.

It’s the maxim which states that:

If an object can be conjectured, there is porn made of it. If not, then porn will be made of it as soon as someone hears what you are looking for. (see rule 34-B)

Known exceptions are:
Rule 34 itself. You cannot rule 34, rule 34.
Also, abstract ideas may not be rule 34’d, it must be a concrete object or be representable as one.

I call rule 34 on existentialism *wtf*

After today I move that a similar rule should be made for the internet. Perhaps Rule 68 (rule 34 x2).

Items to submit to the jury……

Craigslist: You Suck At Craigslist

Cakes and pastry: Cakewrecks

DIY: There I Fixed It

Unfortunate texts: FMYLIFE

Poor photoshop: Photoshop disasters

White People: Stuff White People Like

Library Books: Awful Library Books

Strange Google Searches: Search Of The Day

Pictures of Chinese People sleeping: Sleeping Chinese

And this is just a taste…..


Addictive Webcomics Update

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main image copy

It’s been a last time since I’ve blogged. In an effort to cut down on the verbiage and make it easy to update I’m going to make this easy by just posting links to some weird/funny/astounding/useful/unmissable sites.

After a comment on the previous webcomic blog I just had to add a few more webcomics which I had come across which have eaten away many hours:

Goblins copyRaising hell copy
least I could do copypunch an pie copy
kukuburi copylovecraft is missing thumbnail copy
the dreamland chronicles copyorder of the stick copy

I’d like to apologize now for your loss of productivity.

Yet More Addictive Websites

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Must….. Find…… Time….. To…… Do….. Shit……

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything but I just wanted to share some incredibly interesting things I have found through Digg lately:

Bam Kapow is a website devoted to everything comicbook, superhero and fighting game-related. On the news side it covers a lot of info about what’s going on in the superhero movie industry business (who’s been spotted where, what movies are upcomming etc etc)

The part I enjoy the most perhaps is the fan art material, mashup of two very different movies (like the Pulp Fiction meets 1960’s Batman effort) or these ones below:

The Joker Doing Hamlet

A Stop-Action Movie Of The Best Superhero/Supervillan Showdown Ever

If you’ve been on Digg for five minutes, hell if you’ve been around the internet twice you’ll know what Cracked is. It’s filled with those highly addictive lists and videos on popular culture topics like music and it will suck up a day faster than you can say “ooh I wonder what they put in that list”.

Digital Natives Vs Digital Immigrants

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How would you define yourself…. would you say you’re a digital native or a digital immigrant?

The always ‘reliable’ but easily accessible source, Wikipedia has pointed to a collaboration between Harvard’s research group, the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the Research Center for Information Law at the University of St. Gallen which hopes to understand and support children as they grow up in the digital age. The digital natives wiki is unsurprisingly heavy on Web 2.0 technology.

According to this group (via Wikipedia) in the digital world of today there are two different types of people… the digital immigrants and digital natives. Right now their definition of both is:

Digital Native

“A person who has grown up with digital technology such as computers, the Internet, mobile phones and MP3.”Source

Digital Immigrant

“An individual who grew up without digital technology and adopted it later…Digital immigrants are said to have a “thick accent” when operating in the digital world in distinctly pre-digital ways, when, for instance, he might “dial” someone on the telephone to ask if his e-mail was received.”Source

It’s an interesting project which you can contribute to through Facebook, Twitter or any number of Web 2.0 services.

A couple of tools which the natives are probably using right now (there’s at least one new immigrant using them) are Ubiquity, Launchy and Remember The Milk.

  • Launchy
    An open source keystroke program organiser that will eliminate a lot of the time you waste searching through pull-down menus and folders for the exact file/program you want.(Just be sure to add all the necessary paths (like c:\programs) to the catalog and there’s a time-out at any time just do a right-click and select the ‘rebuild catalog’ option)
  • Ubiquity
    Ubiquity is a bit like Launchy on angel dust, works in a similar way but does so much more. Ubiquity is a Firefox plug in which allows you to highlight text, translate, change languages in a web page, put pictures and maps into emails and so much more. To say Ubiquity is lush is a serious understatement. Some people have gone as far as to call it “Web 3.0” even though it’s still in the alpha stage. I’ve put in a video if you don’t believe me….

  • Remember The Milk
    While Remember The Milk is not nearly as mind-blowing as Ubiquity it is definitely handy. It’s a reminder function that plugs into almost anything including GMail, Google Calender, Google Maps, Twitter, Blackberries, iPhones and mobile phones running off Windows Mobile software. The developers have even put the API up for grabs so that people much much smarter than me can set it up for other devices and applications.

Blog Update, The 50 Cent Army Goes International

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About a month ago I covered the emergence of the 50 cent brigade, now known in China as the 5 mao brigade.

In true international print media fashion it seems now the Asia Times has discovered this army in a fairly comprehensive article

There you go, it’s almost as bad as Reuters coverage of the Olympic routing Chinese businesses were getting, but not quite.

Fishing With Linkbait, McCain Picks Paris Hilton As Running Mate

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Would the person who doesn’t know who Paris Hilton is please raise your hand….

Ever since Paris Hilton broke onto the scene in 1990 as a model in Donald Trump’s agency (who’s well known for such quality pieces of entertainment like ‘The Apprentice’) she’s been the ‘darling’ of the news media.

They like to talk about her they like to show pictures and movie clips of her and do anything but hear her talk

That level of attention has got to have some form of effect… it did, it caught the attention of the spam merchants.

The results is a cornucopia of linkbait titles that are a joy of juxtaposition. I’d like to share the visual experience with you:

For your viewing pleasure, McCain Picks Paris Hilton As Running Mate

World Of Blogs, Blogging In China

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Sometimes looking for independent and personal views of what’s happening in China can be difficult. Here are some blogs that are a must read that I’ve stumbled across:

Lost Laowai: A Beijing based blog which has several writers. It also has a forum for those interested in commenting and writers tend to focus on the social cultural and political aspect of living in China.

China Smack: A blog which focuses on all the funny, gross, scary and sexy stuff that goes on in the China blogosphere. So far some of the things featured in the blog include a boy caught masturbating underneath a girl’s dormitory, a woman who killed a kitten with her high heels and a couple of lesbians caught fooling around on the Shanghai subway late one night. The blog includes translations of what Chinese netizens are saying on forum sites about the various things that are featured on the blog.

Danwei’s favorite English-language blogs for 2008: Danwei, once discovered is very much the grand old dame of blogs in China, it has been around since 2002 and now it’s creators have their fingers in a lot of pies including Sexy Beijing TV amongst other things.

Every year they put together a list of their favorite blogs on China which they source from and enjoy reading. This is the English list for 2008 and this is the Chinese list.

Thomas Crampton: The blog from a freelance reporter based in Hong Kong who frequently travels to mainland China. He first broke the news of China’s 50 cent bloggers which I covered in a previous blog.

Asia Sentinel:Asia Sentinel is more of an online magazine than a blog but it’s a good place to go if you want to catch up with what’s going on in South East Asia. Each of the countries have their own separate page and the site’s owners usually have a correspondent in each of the countries.

Chination Report: A blog written by a Chinese student who’s currently studying abroad.

All Roads Lead To China: Yet another blog with a forum attached. It’s focused more on business than the blogs listed above it.

The China Sourcing Blog: Another business based blog covering sourcing and logistics (funnily enough). That doesn’t stop it from breaking some very interesting stories though.

The Yuan Also Rises: Yet another China business blog. This blog is not updated nearly as frequently as the others on the list.

Who knew so few words needed so much code